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Why has marketing changed?

A changing world

In the past decade we've seen a digital transformation like no other. It requires brands to be more disruptive than ever in order to communicate to their audience, meaning new methods, strategies and technologies are essential in order to generate a true commercial return.

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You're probably thinking oh! Another marketing agency... Why are these guys any different to the rest of them? Being disruptive is in the heart of everything we do, in the crowded market that we're in, we wanted to create something more than just a stale agency, a brand in which we could help businesses, concepts and ideas thrive in a new digital age. We don't follow traditional agency infrastructure, we work in true partnership with all of our clients, enabling us to push out projects that make a real difference. Diony was born through wanting to challenge the frustrations brands face with agencies today.

Our Story

Our Story

Team work

Team work

When people come together, amazing things happen. We embody this by having a versatile, driven and passionate team.

Core Values



Being humble

Modesty and respect are the cornerstone of our workforce and enable us to embrance critique and develop as a result

Core Values



Embrace change & growth

In a crowded and competitive world, maintaining a visionary mindset is crucial to our development

Core Values




When taking accountability and full ownership of what we do, we develop more individually and collectively

Core Values


Doing more

Doing more

We massively value being resourceful, using initiative and pulling through in the face of adversity

Core Values


Open mind


Individualty and having an open mind encourages great ideas and ensures everyone’s voices are heard.

Core Values


An extension of your team

Here at Diony, we like to think of ourselves as a partner, not a provider. Building strong relationships with our clients to achieve excellent results.

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Diony, Diony Hull, Marketing Company Hull

Alistair O'Sullivan

Managing Director
Diony, Diony Hull, Strategy Led Marketing Hull

Dominic Kelsey

Diony, Diony Hull, SEO Marketing Hull, SEO Agency Hull

Danilo Halvorsen

Design Agency, Branding Agency, Marketing Agency Hull

Bradley Pawson


Sam Khan

Digital Marketing

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