Our Start-Up Video Blog Episode 3

Our 3rd ENRG Video Diary  In early 2017 we were chosen as a Hull Business Start-Up to be filmed throughout the City Of Culture year that shows the 'Warts and all' journey of what it's like to be young person starting up and running a business in one of the...
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A Year at Hull’s Newest Start-up Incubator Space

Well... we made it! Today is our first birthday at Onesixone Hightstreet - Hull's newest and most successful business start-up incubator space established for young entrepreneurs between ages 18-30 and their start-up business. As they say with every start-up, the...
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‘Moving Forward’ ENRG Video Blog 2

Earlier in the year we were chosen as a creative start up by The Goodwin Trust and The Arts Council to be filmed throughout 2017, to show the growth, successes, and ups and downs of setting up and running a business in the aim to turn a passion into a career.

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Why People Buy

Buying and selling happens every second of every day. But WHY do people do it? The simple answer to this question would be… Everyone is motivated by two things: To make a gain, or avoid a pain.

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12 Months Of Being Filmed

The Creative ENRG business diary. In with a bang, to say the least! The buzz word ‘2017’… or buzz number… whatever… is certainly having it’s impact on Hull and it’s businesses, us being one of them! What a month it’s been already, and a complete success story for the...
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From Uni Drop out to business Start Up.

Shock, we started a blog. Blogs are a dime a dozen, no one really reads a blog unless it’s about some sort of gossip or 5 top tips on how to wax your… but anywhoo we’re starting one anyway. There’s that old saying that everyone has at least one good book in them, but...
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