L2I is an award winning, Henley-based architectural design firm that specialises in the usage of glass and steel throughout all of it’s beautiful work.

The Project

After meeting the team at L2i over a coffee it was clear on exactly what they wanted, their current site was dated and and full of all of their old projects, in other words, wasn’t doing much for them at all! Because their industry is extremely project and reputation based, we all decided the best steps forward was to create a site that not just got them results in terms of lead generation, but had a seamless, extremely image driven design.


Picture This.

Increasingly over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift on the web from largely text-based layouts to a focus on imagery. While a desire for engaging visuals definitely plays a role in this shift in design style, another factor plays into this as well – our decreasing attention spans. Not only have did we find that L2i were getting more website traffic after their new image driven design, but their audience now spends longer on the website due to it’s concise content and beautiful imagery.