Brand Is More Than Just A Logo

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

What Is A Brand?

“Brand” is a word I believe that is often misconceived and never really understood by most business owners. Its we have a logo, that is us, we are the best in business but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Here are the fundamentals of just how importance branding can be.

A strong brand is how we identify and separate themselves apart from others, a brand is the promise the a customers expectation which help shape the perception of the companies for the possibility of customer retention. A brand carries certain characteristics and perception which makes their products and service unique / better than the competition.

What Is A Logo?

A logo is not a pretty picture, a fancy symbol to stick on marketing materials as you see fit. Its a symbol of your brands Identity, the visual representation of who you are what you do. A logo shows your unique perspective of what separates you from the competition. Being a Marketing Agency in Hull we see brands coming to the city everyday and all of them have their own unique and individual personalities, whether it’s a quirky street food biz or a cool tech start-up. It is their logo identity which helps separate them from each other, most may sell similar in what they offer but that instant clarification either draws you or deters you from a purchase.

Knowing The Difference

Businesses have the trouble of separating the idea that the brand is not just a logo. A brand is the experience, every moment a customer touches the brand, it is every interaction, companies culture, the environment provided, voice, your company building and then your company logo and visuals.

The short answer, no, it is literally everything you possible you can imagine it being. As an example when you visualise Google as a company, a lot of us will have never been to Google ( hopes and dreams!! ) but we already have determined thoughts of how we feel about the company, good or bad which the company has worked for years to sell this imagine of who they are to their audience, they didn’t just throw their logo together and decided that all they needed, its the preconception of your company which can take years to get right.

A Brands Components

Your brand is what is meant to give you the competitive advantage, the idea of “what makes you different” “what makes us better” than all the other companies in the following areas.

  • Digital Marketing Materials / Print
  • Social Media Presence
  • Employees
  • Word of Mouth
  • Your Building Premises and Facilities
  • Customer Relations and Services
  • Public Relation and News about your Company
  • Website
  • Any Potential Customer interaction and Sees Your Company
  • Visual Identity, Name and ( Logo )

Our Story

As a marketing agency in Hull, Diony I feel is a great example of what uses branding with the logo to its full extent. Diony’s logo is different in many ways and has always been aimed towards separating ourselves from different trends and using it as an interpretation of who we are as people. It has a bold, clear format with different connotations that represent minimalism, togetherness, balance and elegance; and we express this through every aspect of our brand and how we work.

In Summary

In reading this I hope we have enlightened and informed you differences between of the importance of a logo. A logo is the fundamental building blocks of your company as well the importance of its foundation of your services. You can have the best company in the world but no one will care to look if your greeted with a sub logo with no definition to you as a brand.


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