Don’t get tackled before a goal

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, commitment and a never ending cycle of overcoming challenges. Therefore, having a goal in place with a well prepared marketing strategy is paramount to success. However, many people have failed by trying to taking short cuts and hope for the easy option. 

Preparation and following procedures that you have planned will undoubtedly give you a well needed guideline. 


Knowing your audience and who you are wishing to specifically target is a key factor. Gaining attention through marketing campaigns and promotional content. You need to be thinking of these when deciding your marketing strategy. For example, who do you want to sell your product or service to? Why should people buy your product or service? What makes your product or service unique from others?

So what is the purpose of reach? There are a large amount of contributing factors which provide benefits on reach. For example, you can minimise risks. By investing time and money into your market research, you lessen the risk of wasting even more time and money on running a campaign that will flop. 

You can plan ahead more easily. If you know how many potential new customers you may have, you can ensure that you have the appropriate amount of product available for purchase or manpower to provide the service. It may also lead you in the direction of which seasons will have more and less traffic. 

You can fine-tune your messaging. When you know exactly who you are looking to attract, you can cater the language and tone directly to them instead of having to be generic in an effort to appeal to everyone. 

Understanding and determining marketing reach is important to any business, regardless of size, age, or industry. If you don’t know who your customers are, you won’t know how to draw their attention most effectively, and you could end up wasting money trying unproductive marketing methods. Some brands will outsource a marketing agency as it frees up more time for them to focus on other areas of the business. 


Having content that is relevant to your audience is where the beginnings of your conversion starts. Managing the customer experience by enhancing emotional bonds, not simply meeting functionality, will bring customers closer to your brand and your offerings.

You wouldn’t find an online clothing store trying to sell you a car would you? No. That would make the website and brand look unreliable and not trustworthy. If they cant put together a simple website why would you purchase off them. Content is going to make you sales. Implementing this into your marketing strategy is going to be beneficial to you in the long run. 

How to become more relevant

The more relevant your content is the more you will move up the organically in page listings. In addition, Google is picking keywords from your content. In turn, it will boost brand awareness and credibility as it is visible you are placing time and effort into your content creation.

Furthermore, everything your brand invests, builds, and brings into the market should be designed to meet the needs of your target audience. This includes needs that customers themselves might not yet be aware of. It’s about working to see what others don’t. These kinds of insights can allow you to create brand relevance in ways that your competitors are not. So know what your customers want. Analyse their purchase patterns. Examine and build a brand that integrates seamlessly into the lives of the people.

Moreover, be open, take chances, and don’t be afraid to push your limits; engage in fresh ways, and find unique ways of meeting your customers’ needs. Don’t put your brand or business in a box. If you do, you will lose any chance of staying relevant in a competitive market

Maintaining brand relevance means continuing the trust and loyalty of your customers. Those committed to being relevant brands are focused and already planned ahead of what their customers might expect and need. They are willing to rise to the top, take a risk and redefine what they do or how it is done.


Your audience wants to have a connection with you and your brand. Relationships are built on trust. If you are not competent or adequate in providing a valuable service, potential customers will bounce back off the website. This will then result in a loss in ROI. 

However if the content and landing page is looking trustworthy and credible, it will be completely different. Now that you have their interest, your marketing campaign needs to inspire, affect and drive your audience to action. You must reinforce your message and strike something within your audience that motivates them to participate. It’s the spark that activates. 

Today’s digital consumers want to be spoken to directly and are much more likely to think favourably of a business if it has answered their questions or solve their problems. We now use more and more talk services on websites, either through using AI or chatbots. 

Building strong relationships and establishing brand loyalty are tough things to achieve, but are crucial if you want to obtain online success



Key Performance Indicators is a measurable value that shows whether or not a marketing strategy is working correctly or not to achieve your business goals. KPIs aren’t limited to a certain area. They cover a very large base. For example, if it is your website, a KPI might be loading time, bounce rate or server speed. On the other hand, customer service might be retention, performance reviews etc.  

Set specific goals

It’s nice to know how your business is performing, but there has to be a reason for measuring. Do you want to increase sales? Acquire more customers? Lower your cost per lead?

Determine what your goals are, and then set specific, measurable goals for your KPIs. Instead of just saying that you want to “increase web traffic,” say that you want to “have 10,000 specific visitors in the month of September.”

Use analytics tools!

There are many analytics tools available to Internet marketers, both free and paid. Before launching your marketing strategy, it would be wise to gain an understanding of them.

For example, Google Analytics is an excellent tool. Although you may decide to purchase a premium service later, the free version will tell you everything you need to know when you’re just starting out.

Monitor your results

The final step is to measure your efforts using the KPIs you selected. You can measure as often as you want, but this will likely depend on how large your marketing team is. If you’re a business owner, you probably won’t have time to check in every day. That’s fine, but create a schedule so that you don’t lose track completely.

After taking all these factors into consideration and applying them into your marketing strategy and campaigns, you brand is bound to become more credible and gain more awareness.


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