12 Months Of Being Filmed

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

The Creative ENRG business diary.

Diony comes in with a bang, to say the least! The buzz word ‘2017’… or buzz number… whatever… is certainly having it’s impact on Hull and it’s businesses, us being one of them! What a month it’s been already, and a complete success story for the start of Hull’s big year. We’re delighted to finally announce that back in December we were chosen as a business within Hull’s creative industries to be filmed throughout 2017, as well as two other creative businesses; aerosol artists Spray Creative and Illustration company Hull Truth. This video diary styled project will not only show you the ‘warts and all’ process of our business journey since setting up, but hopefully give other entrepreneurs a bit of knowledge and insight into how they could do something similar themselves.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, watch it down below:

The diony videos are being filmed by the video production company that we’re partnered with, Astor Productions, check out some of their work over at http://www.hullvideoproduction.co.uk

The video is certainly something a little bit different – which is what we’re all about at diony. Each 4 minute long video will show you exactly how we’re doing as a business throughout 2017, showing a ‘fly on the wall’ styled documentary on our projects, progress, and the ups and downs throughout the year (hopefully more ups then downs!). So the pressure is on.


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