Meet Bradley, Our Newest Designer – Diony, Hull Marketing and Design Agency

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

Joining Diony

I’m Bradley, Diony’s new Designer! People like to call me the ‘grandad’ of the team but I assure you I’m young at heart. There isn’t a lot I don’t like as I’m quite an open book but if I had to be specific I’m a big fan of new technology, Japanese history and culture.

What do I do?

After studying design at Hull University, I have worked at a handful of agencies. Gaining some brilliant industry experience and practical design skills along the way. In my day to day life at Diony I specialise in branding and identity, and aspects of website design. Design is in every single thing we do, and we interact with design subconsciously every day. I like to consider myself the foundation for propelling existing, or new, companies. Taking them further into the modern world, understanding the difference between good and bad design.

In my short time working for Diony I have worked on some brilliant client briefs, such as Schofield Transport. Helping to re-design their entire brand for their transport vehicles world-wide, which is an amazing thing to be part of. Seeing it from the start to finish. I have also worked with a company called DropPoint, a CIC that helps non-profit organisations and communities. Providing donated items that are needed across the country. I helped them re-design parts of their website with a more modern and user-centric approach, but always making sure it stuck to their brand guidelines. I’ve also worked with a company called Fierce Dance Academy, rated one of the best street dance academies in the UK, helping with their branding and new website design in partnership with our friends over at Fluid Media.

Schofield Transport Mug and Logo on paper logo showcase

Onwards and upwards

My experience at Diony so far has been very challenging yet rewarding, pushing myself even further as a designer. It has been amazing to get to know the team and learn their obsessions and skill set that the team have and their passion for Diony to grow and is certainly something I am happy to be part of and if anything, I definitely came for a brew.


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