Meet Hanna, Our Newest Team Member!

  • Author: Ana Watts


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Hanna(h)!

I have a degree in Advertising and Brand Management, so I know how to put together a well researched strategic plan to get a company noticed. Since leaving University, I have worked with a wide spectrum of companies, from a marketing and magazine publishing company in the Middle East, to marketing and sales consultancies and most recently a creative agency – making me a bit of a hybrid employee (so I’ve been told). 


My first impressions of Diony…

Modern, sleek and professional. When first meeting a few of the team members; Alistair, David and Ana on our first zoom call, they were so welcoming and friendly. They know what they are talking about and I knew I needed to get in on the action. 

The extensive pre-research they do for each client is unique from my experience with previous agencies and they really focus their efforts into making their strategies absolutely watertight – something I really admire. 


What do I love about marketing?

I really get a kick out of creating engaging strategies and thinking outside the box. I love a big old whiteboard to brainstorm ideas that twists and turns until it becomes a beautiful strategy that just makes sense, and works! 

Aside from being creative, I love working with new business’, seeing what their needs and goals are, creating proposals that work for them and working with my team to achieve it efficiently and successfully.

Although Diony is more widely known as a performance marketing agency, which is a huge part of why I joined, I do also love putting on events and the off-line marketing involved on this front, having designed and executed them from a young age both career wise and for fun! From fashion show’s for a grand car unveiling, to live, televised cook-off competitions, it’s a pretty long list. One day I hope we’ll be able to implement this as an additional offering at Diony for some of our clients!


What drew me to the role…

I saw Diony was looking for both a Project Manager and a Marketing Executive which instantly got me excited, and after looking into their company seeing the kind of projects they work on and their level of knowledge in the digital marketing sector, I knew I wanted to give both roles a go! After our call and speaking with the senior team on their thoughts, we decided to merge the roles into a hybrid role, and I love it! 


Welcome to the team Hanna!


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