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  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

What is a PWA?

What are PWAs? These are Progressive Web Apps, this is basically a responsive website that functions just like a native app (a software program for a particular platform). However, unlike a native app a PWA doesn’t actually need to be downloaded. Instead the PWA can be saved to your phone in the same way that you would with a web page and can even be accessed offline.

This means that it is a lot more flexible, in terms of what devices you use, as it will be compatible for the majority – which is great if you’re trying to increase your reach and overall website visibility.

How do Progressive Web Apps benefit my SEO?

So now that we know what a PWA is, how can it be used beneficially? Well there’s a lot of ways it can benefit you.

Firstly, a Progressive Web App comes with most of the benefits from a native app and responsive website, for example: It can function offline, allow notifications, is indexable by search engines and works across devices.

This makes a PWA much more accessible from a user perspective and in turn means that you’re going to get a lot more engagement. This is important, especially if your focus is online retail, using an ecommerce or any form of web marketing. The reason being is because of the aim of making your users interact with your website. Having more interactions means a better chance to increase your conversions and in turn your ROI.

Likewise, in terms of SEO marketing, having more users on your website has even more benefits. For instance, using a PWA to increase loading speeds and then increase conversions will mean that people are spending more time on your website and having more people on your website means a better organic position in the SERP.

Which brings us to another key benefit for a PWA. This being the fact that a PWA still has a URL and is indexable. Being able to index your website is a very important area of SEO. It basically allows you to carry on with SEO best practices – improving your organic traffic which improves click through rate and helps reduce your bounce rate.

Where does this leave apps?

Apps have, in most cases, been the superior user experience for mobile devices. Although, aren’t necessarily what people are looking for and are even worse when they’re forced upon us.

Having both can quite easily impact your design especially if you implementing CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) as you would be focusing on two different devices.

Alternatively, this doesn’t mean that apps are going to stop being used. Apps are huge for social media and don’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. So if you’ve got a social media strategy, don’t jump the gun and move straight to SEO because you’ll need a well designed website first.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, if you have already got a great website it might be time to reconsider your strategy. Having a PWA can offer the benefits of the mobile web, such as it’s speed, and provide the user-friendliness of a mobile app. So instead of having a mobile friendly website, it may be in your best interest to focus on a Progressive Web App.

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