Brand Vs Sales

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

The Never Ending Debate

This question underlines the topic of understanding what you want to be remembered for, an experience or a sale. Understanding the difference between the two is a great step forward for your business. A lot of people will compare the “Brand vs Sale” argument to big companies. Companies such as Apple, where they don’t rely on making sale pitches to sell their products. It is more about how you’ll benefit from using Apple products. Creating this “experience” to which you would love to be part of and underlying what to expect from Apple products.

A Brand Leaves Emotion

At the end of the line, you simply buy Apple Products for its legacy and history. You understand it. You trust it. So you will inevitably buy it at most likely one point or another in your life. The term leave a legacy comes up a lot in this discussion. Understanding that building a brand requires a lot of patience and determination to create a successful brand for your business. Then not relying on the gratification of quick sales is important. As much as I do love this argument and it is definitely not wrong in any sense, but you can’t expect that to happen overnight, especially for small businesses. When you are a small business you need to be making those sales just to keep your business running as well as focusing on your brand at the same time with equal and much importance every day to reach that level.

Be Inspired But Remember The Reality

There is no harm to be inspired by such stories of brands such as Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung and many more but you can’t let it overshadow the reality that you and your business needs to succeed in this competitive world. I believe in this day and age that finding an equal balance is the most important role of “Brand VS. Sales”, especially in this digital age and a lot of the really hard truths are overshadowed and clogged with these very inspirational stories from such companies like Apple, understanding the reality of your own personal situation within your business and understanding where you want your business is the fundamental foundation to see your business succeed and evidently grown.


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