Getting Searched in the SERPs – Improving Website Visibility with SEO

  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

What is a SERP and How does it affect me?

Before we get onto website visibility we need to ask ourselves a question. What is a SERP? To keep it simple, it’s the results page on Google. More specifically it stands for ‘Search Engine Results Page’ because that’s what Google is – a search engine that shows pages full of results. These pages are used by just about everyone, not just those into web marketing.

How it it affects you will be very different though. Compared to others at least. This is because Google’s results page(s) will show you results and content based on your search preferences and most importantly the keyword or phrase you’re looking for. This is when website visibility comes into it.

What is Website Visibility?

Website Visibility is the visibility of your website on the SERP. The SERP ranks pages based on how relevant the content is to your search. Meaning the more relatable content you have the more likely you are to rank for that search. Especially if you’re using Google Ads These results are then put in order from most relatable to least.

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How can SEO Improve This?

SEO improves your website visibility by making your content more relatable to certain keywords and phrases, that you’ll most likely use in your digital marketing strategy. By specifically focusing on these keywords and phrases it makes Google notice that your content is more relatable and thus more useful. This means that your website will rank higher and ultimately increase visibility and user engagement. Improving the likelihood of people reaching your content and improving the chance of you making a sale. SEO makes a huge impact when it comes to online retail so is a great investment if you don’t already do it. For more tips on digital marketing check out our other blogs!


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