Not Using A CRM? You Should!

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

A CRM for lead generation and client management is essential within an agency.

CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) help you organise potential prospects, clients, leads, and existing customers.

Rather than writing all your notes down, or hoarding a bunch of business cards from networking events, you can just input that information through your phone, tablet or laptop. For example:

At a networking event?

Pop the info into Hubspot Customer Relationship Management Software.

At a prospects meeting?

Put it into Salesforce.

Heard about a client who needs a website doing?

Pop him into Capsule.

After efficiently using many CRM’s, I can say they have helped in gathering useful information for the business. Including buying statistics, averaging spend, providing suggestions of improvement and customer feedback – giving essential information for business growth.

Not only can a CRM help you find qualitative data, it also makes team efforts a lot easier by dividing a central database between the team.

With a cloud based CRM, we can log in from any device from any location and edit, add, delete or add notes to our database of prospects, clients and leads.

Since introducing a CRM to our team, our ‘going paperless’ efforts have increased. Data management is a lot easier and we can qualify prospects much quicker.


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