Technology and Design: Mutually Influential

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

Technology, and design.

Two different words with different definitions and yet two extremely similar and closely connected things if you think about it.

The word ‘Technology’, when looked up on, defines as “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. Whereas the Word ‘Design’ defines as “The arrangement of the features of an artefact, as produced from following a plan or drawing”.

Of course, both definitions can stretch way further than that. However, for the sake of this article if we think of technology as the ‘stuff’ humans make when they combine knowledge of how the world works. Along with a bit of engineering talent – usually to enhance human life but unfortunately not always. Then design as a word that refers to the pre-planned properties and characteristics of something that has been made. Most likely with some type of purpose(s) in mind. Then we can have an interesting conversation.

In terms of the industries that exist, technology and design are two extremely quick evolving, innovation-rich and consumer orientated words. In which the seemingly insignificant can dramatically impact the significant if allowed to do so.

Technology and it’s Influences

Technology often influences design and design quite regularly influences technology. Whenever technology evolves it usually does so in a way that drags the design world along with it; causing new solutions (aesthetic, ergonomic and otherwise) to be invented. Then implemented in order to cater for what’s being introduced to the world. And whenever design solutions become old and outdated, failing to keep up with technological developments, they can slow down innovation and prevent new technologies from emerging. Or at the very least slow down their emergence.

technology, design. iPhone resting against iMac, Digital Marketing Hull

When Apple reinvented the smartphone (and incidentally the entire market) by introducing a complete new design approach back in 2007, the technology and design shifts that we consequently saw ended up changing smartphones – and all handheld tech in general – forever as a result.

Remaining current and staying up-to-date with what’s going on is paramount; both in the world of technology and in the world of design. And just as importantly, understanding how they both impact one another is a vital part of success in either industry.

Identifying Relationships

There are relationships between everything if you look hard enough. But technology and design are a brilliant joint example of things being mutually influential.

Being able to spot the relationships and similarities between things is an advantage for any individual or company aspiring to reach the heights of great success. Implementing your knowledge of that and taking full advantage of it is a whole other ball game of course, and hats off to those who do, but being able to spot relationships and similarities between things in the first place is a great starting point and super effective upper-hand to have. A skill that can be applied to many other areas of life.

Always try to spot the relationships between things and think about the implications those relationships could potentially have, be them negative or positive. Be mindful of the real-world Venn diagrams that exist out there.

At Diony, we always try to ensure that we remain mindful of relationships and potential overlaps; particularly when it comes to technology and design. And it reflects in our work.


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