Geometric Type: Is it dead?

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

Lee Fasciani, founder and director of Territory Projects, a sister company to Territory Studio specialising in brand and digital, says “The use of geometry (geometric type) in both graphic design and type design has grown in 2017,”

“The use of Helvetica used to happen in cycles – largely driven by the lack of alternatives (notwithstanding Akzidenz Grotesk). But now it seems the wealth of well-crafted geometric sans serifs available make designers think differently about choosing the trusted typographic statesman.”

“Google Fonts and the ability it gives designers, to easily incorporate digital fonts into web pages, is one of the reasons for this. Bringing typographic consistency to branded collateral across all channels. Geometric sans serif fonts also have the ability to be relatively ageless, like most geometric design.”

“There is a bold clarity and honesty to such fonts that have now been used by many large corporations. To communicate the simplicity and openness that their brand team requires.”

Moreover, the wide variety of fonts / type available or almost endless. Making picking and choosing the type that fits your brand much easier. Likewise, due to the increase in type, brands have more choice. Meaning that they can use less commonly used type that is unique to the brand.


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