Why Video is one of the Best Ways to Improve your Website and Digital Marketing

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

Why Video?

Video is becoming more and more relevant in modern day marketing, because of a constantly changing and shifting digital age. Brands have to be more disruptive than ever, pushing new ways and methods of modern marketing in order to stay relevant and at a competitive advantage – Video is a great example of this.

Building Trust

Videos build personality, authenticity and trust in a brand – which are the cornerstones of conversions and in turn, sales. People buy from people, and whether you’re B2B or B2C – videos are a powerful way of pushing marketing content both on your website and marketing over-all.

People are Lazy, like really really Lazy.

We live in an instant world. More so than ever before, and it certainly shows! If you look at huge social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you’ll notice one thing, a large majority of the content you see on there (particularly advertisements) are in video. Simply because people can’t be bothered to read anymore! When it comes to content and getting your point, or story across, video makes it effortless for people to see, which is exactly what you want.

Video Shows Good ROI

To get you even more excited, 83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment. Even though it’s not yet the easiest nor cheapest task, it pays off big time. Besides, online video editing tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable for brands wanting to carry it out on a budget. And even your smartphone can make pretty decent videos already.

Google Loves Video

Videos allow visitors to spend more time on your website. Thus signalling great exposure and good use of content. This sends signals to search engines that your website is active and provides good content, meaning from an SEO perspective, you’re rocking!

Video Driven Websites are More Effective

Video driven websites get far better results from a web design and usability perspective than static websites with lots of text. Think about it, if you were browsing a website that was text heavy, bland and held no clear message, the chance of you staying on there is pretty low – because you’re less likely to find what you need.


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