Web Development and Design Trends 2019

  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

With generation Z now fully accustomed to the digital world, the demand for digital advancement is essential. For the vast majority, interacting with technology has become second nature. Which means any digitally invested businesses will have a lot more pressure on their Web Development and Design.

And here’s why… with technological advancements forever being developed you can see more and more web development being put in place. This is because audiences are becoming increasingly aware of how to use technology in their day to day lives. Meaning they’ll expect it more often, and even more so, when they’re online.

Not having a web development strategy in place isn’t the end of the world, however it does reflect on your business. For example, businesses that implement trends in web development will have more credibility as their users will notice these changes.

Additionally, they will likely decrease their bounce rate as improving your design and implementing web development focuses on user interaction. Which can help to keep users on your website and increase your chances of a conversion.

What are the Web Development Trends of 2019?

There have been quite a few Web Development trends so far and are still many to come, but here’s what we’ve focused on so far:

  1. Progressive Web Apps
  2. Responsive Websites
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  4. Motion UI
  5. Voice Search Optimisation
  6. Push notifications
  7. AI-powered chatbots

From a design perspective these are quite significant trends. Especially when you consider the impacts of each trend on your Website Design. For example, a Progressive Web App would greatly impact your web design as it changes the way that you deliver your content to your audience and how they interact with your page.

Moreover, this is very similar for Responsive Websites as they follow the same principles when it comes to delivery. On the other hand, Motion UI, Push Notifications and AI-Powered bots have a different effect on your website. This is because they physically change the website’s design, as they are visual changes to your site, that will aim to get your users to interact with your website.

Web Development and Content

Having content on your website that is visual, textual or aural is very important as it can make a significant difference in your users’ experience on your website. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the users experience is going to be a positive one. Quite often push notifications and AI-powered bots can be heavily damaging to a website if not implemented appropriately.

So making sure that the changes you make are well thought through and beneficial for your users will increase your chances of improving your users’ online experience and keeping them engaged on your website.

Moving more towards textual content brings us to Voice Search Optimisation. This requires a fair bit of research in order to deliver the right content to your users. In order to make your content suitable for Voice Search you’ll want to write content that is conversational and to the point.

This is very similar to SEO Marketing, but instead of optimising your website for keywords it’s more towards your keyword phrases (long tail keywords). This is because a lot of users use voice search as if they were speaking to a person. Making their search question based, rather than keyword specific.


Looking at the trends of Web Development in 2019 says a couple of things about the direction of digital advancements and what users are wanting from the technology they use. Users are wanting fast and efficient web pages that are easily accessible and guide them to the information that they need in an engaging and outstanding way.

And what better way to do this than having great designs and expressive content from you web development!


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