Sales – Why People Buy

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

What really makes someone want to buy from you?

Buying and selling happens every second of every day. But WHY do people do it? The simple answer to this question would be… Everyone is motivated by two things: To make a gain, or avoid a pain.

Why? Because that’s how our brains work! Sales are based on 80% emotion, and 20% logic, weird eh? Think of something, anything you have ever bought, WHY did you buy it?

Sales though?

Let’s say you’ve just bought the latest iPhone X, was it to keep up with your smart, modern personal image or was it because your old phone was getting slow or in a bad state? Either or, you bought that product to make a gain, or avoid a pain. Or, why would you invest in a website from us? Because you’re not making enough revenue or lead generation from your old site, or because your current site is tasteless and dated? **DIONY PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT** I know, I know, but it’s interesting isn’t it? By implementing and sparking the emotion of your prospect into your sales techniques, you’re garenteed to get better results on average.

Your car needs repairing… are you going to go to the nearest car garage or your friend’s car garage a little further down the road? 9 Times out of 10 you’ll go to your friend’s garage, why? Because he holds more of an emotional value to you than the other garage so you’d rather support him with the work and not ‘big Dave’ from Joe Blogg’s Motors.

Pains.. and Gains.

One of the most crucial aspects into making a sale is asking questions that link to the emotions of what gain the person would make, or what ‘pain’ they would avoid. Questions that not only motivate the buyer, but answer exactly why they would want to buy what you’re selling. This is establishing what is called your prospect’s ‘primary motivating factor’ – this is where your prospect tells you what gains they want to make and what pains they want to avoid then the key is implementing this into your sale. Because by this point, your prospect will be telling you their desires, hopes, and fears regarding what you’re selling them.

So the point is, whatever you’re selling, if you’re not motivating someone’s emotions as to why they’d buy it, then hot or cold sale, the chance is far less that they are going to pay any interest into what you’re offering – after all, selling is professionally helping people to buy!

Let us know what you think in the comments down below, and let us know what purchases you’ve recently made to make a gain or avoid a pain!



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