My Week’s Work Experience at Diony – Marketing and Design Agency Hull

  • Author: Jack

Diony very Kindly had me (Shona) in their studio for a week’s work experience. Alistair welcomed me to the building and showed me around. The Studio’s very chilled out and has such a friendly and motivated vibe to it. I also loved the green plant decor!

For the first few days I worked on a branding brief that the guys set for me. It was to design the branding for a local craft beer/brewery. I decided to call the Brand Umber Roots. The name was influenced by the historical roots of the Humber. Since we apparently don’t pronounce the letter ‘H’ in Hull, the word Umber, rather than Humber, represents the stereotypical ‘ull accent of ours.

This was a fun branding project to work on and it allowed me to show my creative side. The team gave me feedback throughout the design process and showed me how they mocked up their designs onto suitable materials.

Towards the End of the Week

For the rest of the week I worked on some social media marketing. I designed the adverts and wrote the content for the posts. I was shown how Diony organise their marketing post for clients which was cool.

My weeks work experience here at Diony has been very beneficial and interesting as a graduate designer from Hull School of Art and Design. I have learnt a lot about how a marketing and design agency works thanks to Diony and it has been my first eye opener to working in industry since completing uni, which I am very grateful for. It has been fun to create my own design work in an studio environment. I’m also happy that I had the chance to work along-side the guys on social media marketing projects.

Diony have so much positive energy in the studio and it has been an exciting creative experience to take part in 🙂



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