What’s Happening To LinkedIn?

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

Is this Facebook?

If you use LinkedIn – you’ll no doubt have seen this a lot recently, you may agree, you may cringe; either way – it’s there.

What’s that? A bear waving at you? Someone saying how proud they are of their kids? Kevin, the ‘business guru’ sat taking videos of himself in his car talking about how his day is going? You’re checking your browser, you must be on Facebook by mistake! How could you be? Wait, no… You’re on LinkedIn and it’s changed.

Why has it changed?

Everything changes… Stone statues smile and end up frowning due to acid rain, rust weakens chains and rarely stays the same… who’s to be blamed? No one really. These things just happen, with the amount of content that get’s published on LinkedIn, – Even Jeff Weiner will find it hard to pinpoint the culprits (Good luck Jeff) which brings me onto my next point.

Why are we moaning?

I get it, it’s not Facebook, but you can’t lie… A lot of this stuff is positive. Does it really not uplift you? I mean, ok – we’re not all the same but still there is a vast majority of people that like a bit of freshness in their feed which are likely more relevant than you think – who said everything needs to be work posts? Which brings me onto my next point (I’ve only got three more).

Can you still use it for networking?

Oh yeah. That’s obvious… well, not enough. If you used the amount of time it took you to write another “Is this a Facebook post” you could use that time to engage with the poster or the audience, build a rapport and gain business. Community is key, I’d advise you to integrate more with the providers and receivers. Ok, you aren’t feeling it…a bit trapped right?

What does it mean for your marketing?

Well, there are two ways to look at it. A lot of users think that LinkedIn does need to become more loose and fun with content that creates more engagement, a lot of users think it’s an absolute travesty to see its lovely business, jargon content get diluted by irrelevant posts that have no use for LinkedIn. What do I think? At the end of the day LinkedIn is growing all the time, because of that its content, format, algorithms and people’s marketing strategies will change to, constantly. The important thing I would remember is to make sure you notice this sort of stuff, and adapt around it to get the best results from it.

Do you have to see stuff you don’t want to?

The answer is a big, tasty, NO. Do you know how to unfollow? Moreover, LinkedIn Algorithm’s are smarter than you think – if you hide posts you don’t like and comment on ones you do, your feed will be tailored more to you… Oh, if you haven’t clicked on already – every time you comment “Is this Facebook? You’re actually encouraging more similar posts to appear in your feed. LinkedIn is one of the most cost effective B2B marketing and lead gen tools to date… use it wisely!


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