Ash Starts New Design And Marketing Job Role At Diony

  • Author: Bradley Pawson


So today I was pretty excited to spend my first day, doing design and marketing. In my new job at the Diony studio! As the new kid no less…

Upon my arrival the team warmly welcomed me and promptly offered a cup of tea (of course). Before being shown around and put to work. I spent my day in the presence of Aaron, Will and Alistair. It was surprising to see how free-flowing and yet extremely productive the working environment was. I started the day became acquainted with the team as I eased into my creative workflow. Will ran me through the latest branding project they had been working on. Showing me some of the directions he’d ran with throughout the process of designing the logo he’d been developing.

What I do

My job role here at Diony is going to encompass graphic design and digital marketing. I’m going to be working hand-in-hand with Will, the current lead designer, to create strong and unique brand identities to help businesses grow – as well as writing blog posts (like this one!) and other marketing-related things.

I hopped aboard the design train and helped brainstorm some ideas and think up some designs alongside Will. He concisely explained everything I needed to know and helped me become well aware of what needed to be done and how to go about doing so.

My own personal interests include graphic design, art, technology, marketing, business and other things that heavily relate to Diony and the market in which the company is situated. And with that being said, I can’t wait to further my time here and develop my skills and knowledge as much as possible along the way. Hopefully I can bring as much to the table as possible!

So, to wrap up, I’m looking forward to spending my time here and it’s safe to say that right now I’m feeling pretty optimistic about future happenings.

Until the next update!


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