DigiHull – A newly launched digital event for Hull’s business community

  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

What is Digihull? 

Digihull is a new up-coming event set up by some of the regions leading agencies, allowing a unique insight that will enable business owners and marketing managers to take actionable knowledge away to apply to their own business.

Why are we doing this? 

In a nutshell, we want businesses in Hull to be more inclined with how to perform better digitally. To help bring different aspects of our expertise to the table to benefit Hull’s business community. Digital is becoming more essential and relevant within a brand more now, than ever. Therefore, we want businesses to take the knowledge and information we have collectively in order for them to perform better digitally. Whether it’s through creating a beneficial online strategy, aspects like SEO or social media, to benefits and problems they will encounter within their website or current marketing activities, the list goes on… 

Hull’s local economy is growing more than ever and we want to help its businesses thrive in what is a new digital age. 

Who will be speaking? 

Mike Ellis, from 43 Clicks North, Nick Tyldsley, from Superfly Marketing, Jacob Blakey from Blink, and our ‘gaffer’ Alistair O’Sullivan have teamed up to bring a brand new style of digital event to Hull. Each agency will be discussing different key pointers around the vast field of digital marketing and what businesses can apply themselves to perform better through this. 

How will this benefit Hull’s business community?

We want to generate stimulated growth through providing valuable knowledge to businesses locally. Our aim is to help businesses thrive through new and existing methods of marketing to help grow their business; create new jobs and build Hull’s local economy as a whole. 

What makes it so unique?  

The project has been built to give businesses in Hull tangible benefits around extensive areas of their business; they can then take away and apply to generate increased growth. 

Where and when will it be held? 

The event will be held on the 23rd of October at The Deep Business Centre on Tower Street, Hull HU1 4BG in their conference room at 1:30pm; with beer and wine provided, finishing around 4:30pm.

How often will these events run? 

These inclusive events will run every quarter.

What is the end goal? 

There are no targets or goals to be met. We are hoping to see the advice and information we give, help someone who may need that little bit of guidance. Even if one business owner, or marketing manager leaves with an actionable insight that they can implement straight away and put in motion; that’s a win for us. The simple outcome we wish to see is to help Hull businesses thrive.

How can you book your place? 

If you wish to attend you can book here on DigiHull’s Eventbrite page, If you want to attend but can’t, you can ask any questions to the DigiHull team on Twitter.


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