Diony Insights Podcast – An all new unique understanding of the marketing world.

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

We’re super excited to begin our new Podcast series! This new feature will allow us to provide disruptive and unique insights into the fast growing world of marketing, tech and some of the regions most reputable business leaders and experts in their field.

Why are we doing this?

As a team we have decided that this particular platform is unrivalled in order for viewers to create discussions and gain an unprecedented insight around different topics, technologies and entrepreneurs in and around the region. However, we often see information in written context and short videos. Therefore, a podcast allows information to be obtained in a more informal and relaxed method. All the while, keeping the content concise and valuable so that it resonates with our audience.

We are extremely looking forward to getting started and already have big ideas in store for our content!

What will be talking about? 

During the podcasts, we will be talking about a number of subjects; all of which contribute to the extremely dynamic world of digital marketing. 

Providing in-depth discussions on the marketing industry whilst relaying exclusive industry news straight to your screens. Furthermore, we will be exchanging views on how businesses are now changing through things like new technology and consumer behaviours. Moreover, how are businesses now responding to this development. In addition, current and upcoming trends and the effects they are having on different marketing funnels and platforms.

These podcasts will touch all boundaries and topics within the marketing community. Therefore, our aim is provide enjoyable and valuable content so that our viewers are able to retain and use that information for their own benefit. 

Who will we be talking with? 

We’ll be hitting topics from all angles, from having ‘in house’ podcasts with our team of industry experts, to interviewing local entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders in the region and surrounding areas.

Want to get involved?

Are you a thought leader in your field? Do you have an interesting or innovative business or journey that you’d love to chat about with us on our podcast? 

We want to talk!


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