From Uni Drop out to business Start Up.

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

Shock, we started a blog.

Blogs are a dime a dozen, no one really reads a blog unless it’s about some sort of gossip or 5 top tips on how to wax your… but anywho we’re starting one at Diony anyway. There’s that old saying that everyone has at least one good book in them, but a blog would be more accurate now. We’re the new agency in town, a young one too, in fact we’re the youngest owners of a creative design and marketing agency in Hull, at least at the time of writing this anyway, until yet another teen with a laptop and Adobe subscription pops up in the next 10 minutes.

Anyway, we don’t think there’s many blogs about actually being a start up in Hull and what it’s really like, so this is us filling in that gap… in fact I can’t think of any about two 19 year olds starting a design agency instead of going to university either… guess that’s two gaps. Start ups in Hull are a hot topic at the moment but not many of them are really speaking out.

Starting Business

If you have or are in the process of starting a new business, or maybe looking for a bit of a refresh, we’ll be giving away free simple tips and self-help articles based on the services we provide so that if you’re ever stuck they might be able to help you out, tips such as help with your marketing or branding, so that it’s far less daunting of a process to go through. It’ll also give you a chance to have a good stalk of our agency before you drop us an email, hopefully informing you whether or not we’re the right one for you out of the thousands of other agencies… I wish that was an overstatement. Or if you just like to keep updated about business related happenings in Hull, then seeing as though we’re a business… and in Hull, you’ll probably enjoy this.

So, the Diony blog’s about providing you with some free advice, giving you a nosey into our experience of being a start up (and in Hull for that matter) and keeping you updated on what we’re getting up to and what to look out for.

Happy reading


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