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Hull based digital marketing, web and online retail agency, Diony moves to the top floor of their current old town city centre location. Moving into the largest space in the building, as they end their second year of trading. Along with further investment into staff and infrastructure.

Delving into 2019

“As a young business, we’re thrilled to have seen healthy growth over 2018. To which has enabled us to re-invest on further bettering our services and take on a new space that we can grow into. That’s in the centre of everything going on in Hull and its digital sector”.

Diony’s MD, Alistair O’Sullivan

Hull’s Thriving Start-Up Hub

“Alistair has been with us at OneSixOne since the start and was our 3rd youngest business to take tenancy with us, at our start up incubator hub.

He came to us with the endeavour to work hard on setting up a business. But was new to the world of self-employment and wanted support and guidance, to help him make his venture a success.

Alistair was a great student to entrepreneurship. I could see early potential due to the fact he would regularly complete full days at OneSixOne. Then going to his part time job to supplement his income. Reinvesting every penny he earned from Diony back into the business. Showing me he had the will and desire to make his venture a success.

2 years later, in August 2018 Diony became one of our first young businesses to go through our full 2 year incubation process, becoming a commercial tenant at OneSixOne.

They are a real ambassador for what we do and how we support the growth of young businesses around Hull.

In early 2019, Alistair moved Diony’s offices to our biggest office suite to help support the growth of his workforce (now employing 5 members of staff). Alistair and the team have been a pleasure to work with and to see the growth of his enterprise over the last 2 ½ years has been testament to his desire and willingness to work hard and develop both professionally and personally wherever possible”.

Mike Thompson, Business Manager at Hull’s thriving start-up incubator space,

Onwards and Upwards!

We’re more excited than ever for the next year ahead and are actively taking on the largest contracts we ever have. Working with brands of all sizes across the UK. In adapting their marketing and web strategies to an ever changing digital climate, that requires brands to be more disruptive than ever, to engage with audiences in a connected world.

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