Meet Sam, Our Newest Team Member – Diony, Marketing and Digital Agency

  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

New Beginnings

Starting work with the digital agency Diony is definitely going to be a new and exciting chapter! 

22 years old and eager to get stuck in. It was a complete different end of the spectrum and leap of faith from previous job roles, but now Alistair has welcomed me to the team to work as a Digital Marketing Executive. 

My Role

Whilst woking at Diony, I will be responsible for planning and reaching out to potential new clients through online digital marketing campaigns and design. Also, maintaining and supplying content for the company’s website whilst overseeing social media strategies. I will also be creating brand awareness, as well as driving website traffic .

What Drew Me Here? 

Having a mind and passion for technology and being an opportunist is why Diony really caught my attention. As they are a upcoming and professional agency who are not one to shy away from a challenge. I searched a long time for a company that appealed to me. As this is a young, tight knit group of marketers and designers making their big mark within the sector, it only furthered my drive to apply and work for them. 

What Has Been The Most Rewarding?

Whilst talking with Alistair during my interview, we discussed how we would get working straight away. To which this was the case, as on day one we immediately starting cracking on with work and quite frankly, I have never looked back. Additionally, I like the fact it wasn’t so stagnant to get the ball rolling and it was immediately “all guns blazing”. 

Targets Whilst Working Here

I aim to create an even bigger client base for the company. But also want to further relationships and continuing to grow with our current clients. Also, working close with Ali to ensure Diony and the team can progress to its maximum potential.


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