Will’s First 9 Months at Diony Creative

  • Author: Alistair O'Sullivan

What do me and Kanye West have in common?

I am also a college drop out, however over here in the UK it has a different meaning.

But anyway, I digress, I started college 2 years ago, I studied creative media, then studied graphic design, to me this wasn’t right, the conventional college and educational life style didn’t really swipe right and match with me, so I decided to head out and find myself a career in what I love.

I’ve been working at Diony Creative for over 9 months now which you could say it has given me enough time to birth my career… See what I did there?

In the past previously mentioned 9 months I have heavily improved my design skills from being a freelancer and college student to a real designer working in an amazing studio with amazing people in a pretty awesome time! Diony has done a lot for me, career wise and personally. It has given me many many opportunities to be a part of hulls growing design and digital industry and has allowed me to achieve so much in so little time, due to its fast paced and forward thinking nature.

So whats in store for my future at Diony? All I’m gonna say is this; I’m in a position to grow as a designer as well as having the company grow around me, so i’m extremely excited for what’s to come!

Watch yo nuts Pentagram.

P.s. Pentagram, I’m sorry I love you.