Meet our new Marketing Manager, Ana

  • Author: Ana Watts

Who am I?

I’m Ana, the new Marketing Manager at Diony. I am a passionate, driven marketing professional with a broad range of experience within the industry.

My first impressions of Diony…

Passionate – The team at Diony are truly dedicated to each and every client, from big to small, ensuring that they perform in the best possible way and exceed set targets.

What drew me to the role…

Working for a fast-paced, rapidly growing business. After more than tripling turnover from 2019 and taking on some major new clients, Diony plan to double the size of the team by mid next year as well as their plans to moving into a bigger office space where the company can continue to grow in years to come.

What do I enjoy the most about marketing?

Personally, I enjoy the more creative side of marketing – creating content, visuals and brainstorming new campaigns. One of the best things about working for a marketing agency is seeing the inside of such a variety of businesses and getting involved in their vision.

What will I be doing at Diony?

As well as heading up all of Diony’s internal digital marketing, I’ll be working alongside our head of strategy, David, with our clients to produce and manage a range of exciting campaigns.

What are my targets during my time at Diony?

I think I’m right in saying that we all share the same goal at Diony, and that is to become the go-to marketing agency in East Yorkshire.


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