TikTok for Business – Groundbreaking or A Waste of Time?

  • Author: Hanna Moore

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to be open to all possibilities in order to stay in the game, especially with the speed of social media trends. 

Love it or hate it, TikTok is one of the most popular platforms of all time. With over one billion users between 10-50 years old, spread across 150 countries, you would think the platform is the perfect place to target potential customers, right?

TikTok statistics

TikTok is no longer just a place for teenagers to go viral and can be massively beneficial to  businesses.

But, is TikTok worth utilising for YOUR business? 

Ultimately, it depends on your commercial objectives, your target audience, your brand and your ability to create engaging content that will cut through the noise. Will your content increase conversions? Will it drive potential clients to your website? If you are a B2B company then the answer is, probably not. However, B2C companies with a tone of voice that suits the upbeat, playful platform; jumping on TikTok and joining in on (or starting your own) trends will only enhance your brand awareness, especially with the help of influencer marketing – if done right. 

In terms of engagement, the results speak for themselves – Jennifer Lopez posted the same video on both Twitter and TikTok. On Twitter, where the actress has over 45 million followers, the video received just 2 million views compared to TikTok, with only five million followers (at the time), where she managed to gain over 100 million views.


5 Ways That TikTok Can Benefit Your Business…

Increase Brand Awareness

Creating well thought out, engaging content that aligns with your marketing strategy will allow your audience to recognise you, understand what you do in more depth and most importantly, keep you in their mind for when they are considering purchasing the products and services you offer.

Reach Your Target Audience 

The ‘For You’ page is TikTok’s way of putting you in front of the right audience. This feature is essentially TikTok’s ‘recommendation’ feed, which is personalised to each user based on how they interact and engage with videos on the platform. By putting your videos in front of users that they think will be interested, this increases your chances for receiving higher levels of both engagement and conversion. 

Be Creative With Your Branding

There is a lot of creative freedom with this app, companies are able to create branded AR lenses, filters, stickers, sounds and hashtags for TikTok users to then insert into their own video content and in turn, increase reach and brand awareness further. Once you start to build up a committed following, the more effective this will be.

Build Trust/Credibility

People trust people, so get behind the scenes and be real. Seeing your business from this perspective will build both trust and credibility, as well as build relationships with your followers and customers.


There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with other businesses, influencers or even customers that are on TikTok. Not only does this to improve your chances of getting your brand in front of thousands of people, but it also aids the journey 


Why TikTok Might Not Be Right For You…

Low Conversion Rates

If your commercial objectives are to drive traffic to your website and generate sales, this can be difficult without having a well thought out strategy in place, as TikTok has been designed to keep users on the app for as long as possible, rather than drive traffic away from it.

Lack of Return On Investment

The time needed to strategise, brainstorm, film and edit your content, post consistently and build a following may outweigh the results it delivers and can prove more time consuming than beneficial to your marketing strategy, it’s therefore important to monitor ROI closely to ensure it’s worth your time.

Damaging your Brand Identity 

It is crucial to keep your tone of voice consistent throughout your branding, website and social platforms. Be careful not to damage your brand’s identity by creating content that doesn’t fit your branding, as this can have detrimental long term effects.


Our Final Thoughts…

Like with any social media platform, there is no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to utilising TikTok for your business. However, it’s important to have an initial strategy in place and ensure that your commercial objectives align with the platform in order to maximise results and minimise wasted time.

So, what’s your verdict?


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