My Weeks Work Experience at Diony – Marketing and Design Agency in Hull

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

I’m Elle, I’m 19 and I am currently an undergraduate Computer Science student, at the University of Hull. Aspiring to work in website design and front-end development.

I was a given the opportunity of a weeks work experience at Diony. I was so thankful and couldn’t wait to get to work, as industry experience is immensely valuable. Especially to a student like myself, who is looking to gain an understanding of working life in the digital marketing industry.

On my first day, their was an introduction to the Diony team, where they welcomed me into the lovely new office space. After being introduced to the people, they then showed me the software and hardware I would be using over the week. I stuck into working on my first brief. Initially, tasked with designing a website for an up-and-coming whiskey distillery in York, New York Whiskey Company. I was very excited by the creative freedom of this project.

How did you go about the project?

I used the project portfolio as a base for my ideas and eventually created my initial designs. All throughout the process, I received valuable feedback and guidance from the guys. Which helped me to improve on my work. I loved working on this brief as I was given the freedom to showcase my creativity and ideas. For the rest of the week, I worked on an exciting new development for one of Diony’s digital partners. Working on Fluid Media Uk’s upcoming website.

I was given ideas and inspiration from the client to help me with my designs. Using the company’s current branding as a place to start and then constantly refined my designs. Using the feedback and advice I was given, until everyone was happy with my work. Which I enjoyed as I was able to have contact with the client to get their input on my designs to help me improve them.

I have to say I am very proud of the content I created this week and I’m glad I got the chance to learn a lot about the industry process of designing a website for a client.

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time at Diony and I’m confident I have learnt a lot this week, especially about the importance of wireframes and the process of designing a website before implementation and coding. I am sad to be leaving the team (even after such a short stay) because the atmosphere and work ethic at Diony is something I hold in high regard.

Thanks so much for having me!



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