What are ‘Responsive Logos’ and Why are They the Way Forward?

  • Author: Danilo Halvorsen

The term ‘responsive’ gets threw around in the world of design a lot. And simply put, it refers to how they intelligently respond to their environments.

In web design, a responsive website is where the content can dynamically adapt. This can be to the size and shape of the window where it is on display.

In design, a responsive logo can adapt to its environment, wherever it’s on display. For example, when shown on a website, business card, letter head, vehicle exterior, etc. Modifying the composition accordingly allows for the logo to adapt – while still managing to look good.

Responsive logos constitute elements that are versatile, elements that can be discarded, added, resized and repositioned accordingly. Moreover, a responsive logo can be made up of three elements. One being significantly more important and central to the brand than the other two.

Additionally, logos displayed in a certain environment will be able to leave the two less important elements behind – leaving the vital elements to be shown. This could be for multiple reasons; one being that it could just simply look better and another being a case of space and not having enough of it to display all three.

Here are some examples of well-known brands who implement responsive logos;

Why they’re Important

The reason why responsive logos are so important, and the reason we are quite partial to them here at Diony, is because they’re intelligent, versatile, cool and most importantly because they’re practical and modern. Modern in adapting to contemporary display settings.

In today’s world, logos are barely displayed on physical mediums. Instead they’re on a wide range of digital devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to computers and smart TVs. Making it crucial to make your logo look good and match the environment where it’s shown. Whether it’s a tiny favicon, a small app icon, a business card or a huge billboard, logos always need to look good and contextually adapt to suit the context.

Responsive logos ensure that is a reality.


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