Dreamscience Automotive Ltd is one of the UK’s leading Ford tuning specialists, that have an incredibly skilled team and wide range of experience with high-end vehicles.

A little bit about the business...

Dreamscience Automotive Ltd is one of the UK’s leading Ford tuning specialists with experience with a wide range of vehicles, including BMW and other high-end vehicles.

They have a team of qualified specialists who are highly skilled and experienced in the world of motorsport and car tuning, which is why Dreamscience can best enhance the performance of vehicles such as Fords.

The Need For An Agency

Dreamscience has incredible talent and skill for enhancing the performance of high-end vehicles, specifically Fords. Consequently, the audiences that they are targeting are especially niche and require greater marketing efforts to attract them to the website.

They also have a wide variety of products and services that the company has to offer, which may only spark interest in the world of motorsport. Therefore, in order to attract these audiences, targeted marketing methods needed to be put in place to earn the brand more awareness and to scale the amount of sales being earned via their ecommerce website.

As a result, we implemented two methods of marketing that would enhance brand awareness and earn more traffic to the website, these were PPC and SEO. By optimizing the website through methods of SEO, whilst earning paid traffic through targeted PPC campaigns, the company can earn more sales and effectively target their audience.

The results


Decrease in cost-per-click


Increase in conversions


Increase in online revenue

Through new means of digital marketing and highly targeted PPC campaigns designed to effectively utilize ad spend and earn more engagement, Dreamscience has seen some great results. The website now achieves over 120,000 page views per month and conversions have increased by 69.99% across the website.

Additionally, the PPC campaign alone has reduced costs by decreasing Cost-Per-Click by 41.44%, meaning that more reach can be achieved with Dreamccience’s current spend. This has certainly been demonstrated due to the 58.38% growth in the company’s online revenue after implementing both campaigns.

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