Melton Stone is one of the UK’s most trusted and reliable suppliers of indoor and outdoor pavers, supplying directly to homeowners and landscapers across the UK.

A little bit about the business...

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of indoor and outdoor pavers and tiles, Melton Stone is fast becoming the most trusted and reliable supplier for audiences within the sector.

The company has seen tremendous growth and is aiming to explore new and existing user groups by targeting both B2C & B2B audiences to earn greater ROI from their performance marketing.

The Need For An Agency

Melton Stone came to Diony looking for a new performance marketing strategy that would excel and maintain the return on investment from their current client base, whilst generating more leads from B2B & B2C audiences within the Garden Retail Sector.

As a result, we developed a seamless marketing strategy consisting of search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC via Google Ads and management of social content & Facebook ads, along with redefining the company’s brand and developing a new and bespoke online store to maximise performance. .

The results


Traffic increase since onboarding


Reduction in bounce rate


Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Through the creation of three seamless campaigns (SEO, PPC & Social), we were able to develop an effective omni-channel performance strategy for Melton Stone.

This strategy allowed us to market to audiences across marketing channels and grow the amount of traffic visiting the website by 2,515.04% in the first month of starting, whilst significantly reducing the website’s bounce rate.

As a result, PPC campaigns were able to achieve a 358.568% return on ad spend (ROAS) and a dramatic increase in online visibility and sales.

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