Ecommerce, Organic Search, CRO

The client

With a little help from us, DNA Baits are now the biggest online retailer of specialist fishing bait in Europe. They offer a range of high-quality bait, both freshly frozen and shelf life in vast quantities to anglers and physical tackle to shop retailers around the world.

The need for an agency

Because of how niche their market was, DNA Baits were looking to partner with a performance agency that truly understood their market, in order to increase conversion, traffic & orders throughout the site, and new customer acquisition/retention.

Our solution

After internalising ourselves with the DNA Baits marketing team considerably, we proposed a redesign and redevelopment of their online store along with the implementation of new strategies and inputting systems in place for aspects like up-selling & cross-selling, omni-channel marketing, data retention and much more. Once the website was completed, we've worked with DNA Baits on an ongoing basis in terms of SEO, CRO, web performance management and dedicated support.

Our 6 month project with DNA Baits (2019-2020):

  • Users: increase of 50.90% (72,420 vs 47,992)

  • New Users: 69.59%

  • Returning Users: 30.44% (28,233 vs 18,082)