Organic Search

The client

Engineering Utilities are a market leader in supplying equipment and consumables for metal preparation, finishing and cleaning to a diverse range of market sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas.

The need for an agency

They approached us after being tired of working with stale, uncreative agencies that over-sold and under-delivered, with the intention of developing a search campaign to help increase web visibility as well as gaining traffic and ranking certain products to get to the top through organic search.

Our solution

In order to resolve the client’s current issues, our model led us to find a pragmatic solution for them. We decided it would be best to take EU’s current targets and use them to develop a strategy that worked alongside them - optimising the sites content with it in mind. This would not only resolve the issues, but go beyond them as well. Allowing us enhance EU’s overall ranking and web visibility.

100% Target keywords reaching page 1

64% Of all traffic is organic. 33.2% direct, the rest being social referral

  • 57.14% Increase from 1st month of SEO
  • 18.66% Increase from in web traffic (Over 4 months)

55 Additional page 1’s within the first month search campaign, (organic)