Web, Paid Search

The client

Storepoint Managed Language are an international provider of translation and transcreation services that span to over 36 different languages. Their client base spans across brands all over the world, including McDonalds, Amazon and more.

The need for an agency

Storepoint Managed Language approached Diony in the lookout for a new website and a new agency that was able to deliver a more valuable ads return for their paid search campaign. After seeing some of the brands Diony had worked with on this level internationally, they decided we'd be the right fit.

Our solution

When it came to Storepoint Managed Language's paid search/ads campaign, we knew that we had to focus on creating greater value for the campaign. As a result, we created a new website much more accustomed to their target market and the types of ads they were running. We optimised the campaign's daily cost, and reduced their cost per click (CPC) while also increasing their click through rate considerably. This way Storepoint could still achieve higher level results, in a much more cost effective way.

  • 45.16% Click increase
  • Average CPC (cost per click) reduced by 16.66%
  • Considerably high CTR (click through rate) – Increased from 0.2 to 4.01%