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Content Marketing — How to be Effective

In a fast-paced, digitised world, consumers are looking for solutions that answer their problems, before they even know they have one. 

As a business, it’s important to position yourself as the primary problem-solver when the customer wants a resolution. 

This is where Content Marketing comes into play. 

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about engaging your current and potential customers using a variety of different channels and content types including articles, blog posts, social media, video, podcasts, and emails, to help keep your brand front of mind when consumers come to making purchases. 

Align Your Content with the Marketing Funnel

A first step to effectively implementing Content Marketing, is to understand where your customers are in their buying journey. 

Refer back to the Marketing Funnel; a tool used in the marketing industry to evaluate the position of a customer and their relationship with a brand.

The Marketing Funnel has been developed over the years based on consumer behaviour developments and, today, it focuses on five key pillars:

  • Awareness — is your audience aware that you exist?
  • Consideration — where do you stand against your competitors and would consumers consider buying from you? 
  • Conversion — have they bought from you previously? 
  • Loyalty — are they a loyal,  returning customer? 
  • Advocacy — do they promote you by word-of-mouth, through social media etc.? 

By understanding where your customer is in the Marketing Funnel, you can tailor your content marketing strategy to their current situation. 

Show Empathy Towards Your Customer

Ultimately, to create effective Content Marketing, you need to refer back to the problem the consumer may be facing, and be empathetic towards it. 

We know you have a great product or service, you know you have a great product or service, but now you need to demonstrate how it can benefit the consumer. 

A framework created by Simon Sinek called ‘The Golden Circle’ emphasises why you should start with ‘why’, then ‘how’, then ‘what’ (Sinek, n.d.).

A mistake that many businesses make when creating content is starting with ‘what’ they are selling, not ‘why’ it’s important for the customer. This goes against the biological queues of how humans make decisions (Sinek, n.d.). The most effective way of enticing a consumer is by understanding their problem, and providing a solution. 

Be Where Your Audience Is

You can develop the best content in the world, but if you’re showing it to the wrong people in the wrong place, it will not perform. Research your customer base and where they are, particularly when it comes to social media. 

If you are focusing on B2B sales, LinkedIn can be a very effective platform.  Whereas if you have a young, modern target audience, you should consider TikTok and Instagram. 

Remain Consistent

Content marketing is about quality over quantity, but with that being said, you have to remain consistent. If you start sending emails, make sure you send them at regular intervals. This is the same when posting to social media, uploading videos etc. 

Not only will your customers become more familiar with your brand, but particularly on social platforms, the algorithm will begin to favour you and push your content potentially leading to more views and engagement. 

Example of Excellent Content Marketing

Innocent Smoothies are a major player when it comes to Content Marketing. 

They have developed such a recognisable brand identity through their content that you know exactly what you’re going to get when you read or watch their content. 

They’re original, humourous, relatable and light-hearted whilst still communicating and fulfilling their larger brand purpose — being a B Corporation, supporting charities, and creating delicious smoothies. 

Knowing their audience is also a large part of their success. They are aware that, yes, some people just want a smoothie, but their largely millennial audience wants a break from the real world and a giggle with their inner-child. They use a relaxed tone-of-voice and imagery that is easily digestible to help them achieve this. 


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