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Instagram’s Latest Update Inspired By TikTok

It’s not news that TikTok has taken the Social Media space by storm — it’s everywhere and everyone is talking about it. When it launched back in 2016 as, it was the first time that users had seen the full-page, swipe-up interface with the closest thing to the app being Vine which launched in 2013 (RIP Vine). 

Since then other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have taken inspiration from TikTok launching YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. But recently, Instagram announced that they are taking even more inspiration from the platform with their latest update. 

Into New Dimensions

Instagram have announced that they are changing the dimensions of their famous square images to a full-screen, 9:16 ratio — the same format as TikTok. The update has been adopted with mixed reviews; some are very excited for the change and a refreshed Instagram, but others are less accepting with questions yet to be answered. 

We are here to give you our predictions… 

A Learning Curve

Q) Will users be able to upload images and videos in the old dimensions once the update is live?

Instagram have confirmed that YES users will be able to upload content with the old dimensions and a blurred, gradient background will be added to fill in the extra space. We imagine this will be similar to an Instagram story.


Q) What will happen to existing content?

Similar to new content, a blurred, gradient background will be added to fill in the extra space automatically. 


Q) Will the posting algorithm change? 

Although Instagram has not explicitly said, yes we believe the algorithm will change. It is likely that the platform will push and favour content that is posted in the 9:16 format to encourage other users to follow suit and to emphasise the success of the update.


Q) Where will captions be placed on a post? 

Similar to TikTok, post captions will be layered over the top of the content, towards the bottom of the image/video, although it hasn’t been specified the character count that will be shown before a ‘see more’ button. This will impact the design of posts, particularly if they are graphics, to ensure no focal points are covered. 


Q) How will this change impact other Instagram features? 

It shouldn’t impact other Instagram features specifically, but one thing that will need to be considered is carousel posts; with new content being full screen, we are yet to discover how Instagram will make it explicitly clear which posts are carousels and which are static posts.


Q) How will it affect the appearance of the profile’s ‘grid’? 

It is our prediction that Instagram will change it’s famous square grid to a vertical rectangle grid to accommodate the new format, similar to how TikTok displays videos on a user’s profile. 

There is a lot to learn and as with any update, no doubt, there will be a few teething problems but at Diony, we are welcoming this change! 

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