Good Content VS Bad Content

  • Author: Ash' Burnham

The importance of good content when it comes to building a brand should be obvious. It’s unarguably pretty damn important, that’s for sure! As intuition would have it, good content beats bad content any day. But what exactly defines good content with regards to building a brand? What does it really encompass? And what type of content are we talking given that the term ‘content’ could literally mean anything? Let’s explore those questions a little shall we…

In business, there are many different types of content that determine the quality of your brand and your brand’s output. There’s general branding and marketing content, there’s social media content and there’s content in the context of ‘content marketing’.

Note that it’s important not to confuse marketing content with content marketing! Marketing content and content marketing are two different things; marketing content being content whose purpose is to market a brand/have some type of marketing impact and content marketing being a way of marketing a brand through the output of content.

Content marketing is all about putting content out into the world and hoping that it will in turn market your brand and form connections with audiences. The idea is that people will consume the content you’re outputting, and like it, before turning to the brand you’re trying to promote through it and hopefully consuming some of the products and/or services that you have on offer.

Content marketing can be done in the form of;

  • Blogging
  • Creating and sharing YouTube videos
  • Running live streams
  • Having a podcast
  • Engaging with your audience in the form of Q&A’s and polls
  • Any other content that you want to put out there whose underlying purpose is to promote/market your brand

For content marketing to be done well, and for it to be most effective, you have to be producing and sharing content that people actually want. As with any content, it should be well-made, targeted and valuable to the audience it’s being directed towards. Emphasis on valuable part. When content gives people some type of value (i.e. makes their life easier in some way, interests them, makes them laugh or offers them something else they appreciate) resonates with people more deeply – in effect creating more meaningful relationships and hopefully increasing brand awareness and making more money in the end.

Content marketing is usually done by putting out ‘free’ content which in turn drives sales in other areas of a business.

Aside from content marketing, the things we’ve just discussed in terms of what makes it valuable and ultimately effective greatly apply to social media content and general branding and marketing content too. Any content a brand puts out into the world in order to promote itself and hopefully lead to some end results (increased brand
awareness, sales etc.) should always give the audience value of some kind and resonate with people.

note pad with pencil

Content in general should be as genuine and as truthful as possible. People don’t appreciate disingenuous content and are also usually pretty good at spotting it a mile away – especially in today’s world. So always make sure your content is legit and isn’t just structure in a certain way in order to drive clicks and get views. Because although creating disingenuous, click-bait content might get you a lot of attention in the short-term, it almost always fails to truly resonate with people and make them want to spend time indulging in other things you might offer.

Bad content would be the opposite to all of the things discussed; it would be content poorly-made, non-targeted, disingenuous and completely unvalued by the people it’s reaching.

Some companies invest in agencies such as ourselves to manage their marketing content (social media, blog and otherwise) as well as SEO their material to ensure it’s as findable and as result-producing as possible. An example of which would be how we’ve managed Saltmarshe Hall’s online content and SEO for them; upping their conversion rates and driving more traffic to their site, ultimately resulting in more bookings.

Good content beats bad content any day. And when implemented, the results speak for themselves.