Systemising a Business: What it Entails and Why it’s Crucial

  • Author: Ash' Burnham

Systemising a business, quite simply and believe it or not, is the act of putting systems in place. That’s literally it… Sounds simple right? Not necessarily, but it can be. Or at least the point of doing it is to ultimately make things simpler in the end.

Systemising a business is all about making a business more refined, effective and efficient in its processes and inner workings. This could entail anything from making a business more efficient in its on-boarding process (i.e. having a solid recruitment system in place along with employee handbooks and training programs if necessary) all the way to completely systemising the CRM side of things (i.e. by using big, expensive CRM software and closely monitoring databases or what not). Even basic things in a business like how leads are generated, when people take breaks and how the company-to-client communication takes place can be systemised in order to make life easier.

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Businesses that are systemised unarguably run more smoothly, more efficiently and in turn more effectively. This, in essence, means a business can become better at what it does and make more money – and be quicker about it. I guess you could say it’s kinda like having a clean computer that boots quickly and as opposed to a clogged-up system full of junk files and unnecessary clutter; causing it to take an eternity to get started (ughhh). And it’s probably also worth noting that not only would the clean computer boot faster, it would also carry out its operations much faster once booted up and ready to go. Everything would be more efficient in general; and the exact same applies to businesses that are systemised. Not only do they get off the ground faster when starting out, they also grow faster, develop faster and run more smoothly than business that are unorganised and non-systemised. McDonald’s is a prime example of a business that has taken full advantage of systemisation and is arguably the most systemised business in the world.

The term “automated” is also used to refer to a business that has become well systemised to the point where the systems in place essentially allow the business to run itself.

At Diony, we implement systems religiously as we believe that doing so is the backbone of an organised, efficient businesses. It allows us to be better at what we do. Period.

Additionally we also offer services to other businesses as far as systemisation is concerned. We help businesses become more organised and efficient in what they do by helping them implement CRM software, project management software, handbook/manual creation and more.

Systemising things is where it’s at. Organisation is everything to a business wanting to grow and excel. Make sure you systemise!