The Importance of Mobile for Websites

  • Author: Bradley Pawson


This goes without saying but I feel that businesses, especially small businesses need to be constantly reminded on the importance of mobile web optimisation when it comes to their website, whether it be a small business or a multi-national brand, we now live in a world where over 5 billion people now own a mobile phone and you need to consider that any of these people are a possible potential customer. No, we are not expecting 5 billion people to have the potential to visit your website if you make it mobile web responsive but considering that over 52% of all internet traffic was browsed using a mobile device in 2018, thats a lot of potential customers lost just from not having the simplest of things working which in this digital age, all things need to be considered constantly as well as working to their full potential.

Now imagine “what if my online store was optimised to be browsed on mobile”, do you think it would have increased the sales of your product? Imagine what value and credibility it has for your business / product to have it accessible on multiple platforms and devices without zero hassle, having a mobile responsive website doesn’t just reassure your business for success but it also reassures any potential visitor and customer to the possibility of a sale.

You Can’t Live In The Past

You may offer some of the best and innovative products within your market but if the mobile experience is non-existent to barely viewable your company will struggle with its competition which will encourage your potential and even existing customers to shop elsewhere on the market. Mobile web responsive websites are for the modern shopper, consumer and business owner and will not just help to get your business to the top but also get your foot through the door with anyone with a smartphone.

Google Will Not Like You

We all have those days that we feel that technology is against us, sliding doors may not sense you, your smart remote for your brand new LG Curved television will not pick up your commands, Alexa can’t understand your accent and now if your business isn’t mobile optimized Google won’t seem to care to put your online business at the top of the search results. It’s a cruel world but an unfortunate situation we have to deal with, this is especially worrying when you see all your competitors reaching to the top of those search results which will be clearly hindering your sales as well any form of potential customers.