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The Project

DNA Baits are one of the UK's biggest specialist fishing bait manufacturers, with a large international following and a rapidly growing brand, one of their biggest development projects yet was to completely re-vamp their online store that they sell directly from and put a strategy in place.

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What DNA (really) needed…

Upon starting this project, DNA’s existing website was outdated and incompatible, having a significantly adverse effect on their revenue. We provided DNA with a sleek new website that brought them back into the modern era. This, over the short and long term, should have a hugely beneficial impact on their revenue and online presence. With a detailed strategy on how to maximise revenue from the website, a cleaner design, better functionality, faster loading speed and a sister-website that handles their media, news and marketing to up-sell their products, it was a recipe (no pun intended!) for success.

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As always, a responsive design.

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The most revenue driven
website we’ve produced, yet.

DNA’s website is extremely revenue driven; so much so in fact, that it’s by far the most revenue driven website we’ve produced for a client yet. The entire site is centred around driving sales; from the bespoke strategy, product-featuring menu bar to the integrated eCommerce system and product database built into the framework of the site itself. They even have a sister site, DNA Digital, which you’re about to find out about.

Visit the DNA Baits online store here!

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Introducing DNA Digital

DNA Digital is DNA Baits’ sister website. It essentially acts as a content marketing platform through which DNA promote products via blogs, videos, reviews, interviews and more.

DNA Digital is brimmed with content, looks clean and is easy to navigate. Just as a content marketing platform should be. The main strategy behind this was not only to promote the fast-growing DNA brand, but also for the up-selling strategies we’ve implemented making it absolutely effortless for someone to buy exactly what they need from either of the websites.

Check out DNA Digital here

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Report your catches!

One important aspect of the DNA Baits online shop was the fact they wanted somewhere for users to upload catch reports on where, when, and what they had caught on their baits – the method behind the magic being that this not only builds engagement with their audience but it’s a fantastic way for DNA to use this for their own marketing materials, news, blogs, product reviews, and so much more for their social media and DNA Digital.

Retaining Customers

A concept DNA wanted to put in place in order to reward loyal customers and keep them coming back was to implement a points system. Essentially it encourages the incentive to spend more while users are on the website and also revisit the website to order more when they next need their bait, in a means to retain customers. The little system they have in place is every £1 you spend on the DNA Baits website earns you 1 point, every 50 points entitles you to £1 off a future order. For example, if you spend £300 with DNA Baits, you will acquire 300 points, which translates as a £6 discount on a future order, or the option of saving them for your next order! Not too shabby, eh?


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