Paragon Elevators


The Project

Paragon is a national provider of lift instalment into commercial and residential/domestic properties up and down the UK.

Paragon Elevators logo next to elevator


Paragon is a young company, established in 2017 and already has a national portfolio and client base, and we had the pleasure of helping them create their brand! Their managing director wanted to have a sleek, smart brand image with a company logo that symbolises kinetics and movement.

Paragon Elevators logos in black and white
Paragon Elevators Business Cards
Paragon Elevators logo presentation


The team at Paragon wanted to use darker colours, while having a sharp aesthetic to the logo in some way. We played around with several approaches, all while keeping the theme of their concept behind kinetics and connotations of movement. We came up with a sharp, arrow like logo alongside that split into segments. We felt this represented their broad range of services, and the type of work they do very well.

Paragon Elevators colour palette and typeface

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