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Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective, versatile and ROI focused marketing tools for businesses to date. Diony, specialists in PPC and Performance Marketing, utilise paid search to bring true commercial return bespoke to a businesses budget, strategy and target audience, whether it be sales revenue, lead gen, or brand awareness.

Dominate PPC

Paid Search

Pay Per Click (PPC), also known as Paid Search, is a way that users can showcase their advertisements on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to help drive traffic to their website. As the name suggests, the organisation will pay for each individual ‘click’ on their advertisement. The cost per click (CPC) is determined by several factors including keywords, landing pages and quality score.

Google Ads Search

Search Ads can be positioned before and after organic results on SERPs. These ads are displayed in the same format as an organic result with the addition of an ‘Ad’ symbol. To maximise Google Search Ads, our specialist content team will create some original ad-copy and our PPC experts will conduct an audit to determine keywords, competition, strategy and budget recommendations.

Google Ads Display

Unlike Search Ads, Display Ads are very visual and do not just appear on SERPs — they are formatted to be shown across websites, videos, and apps. Our PPC experts will perform research to establish the customer intent and target audience. Then, our Content & Design Experts will use that information to create unique ad-copy and accompanying artwork.

Google Ads Shopping

Particularly relevant for eCommerce businesses, Google Ads for Shopping display a corresponding product with a keyword search. A very simple example would be bidding on the term ‘black shoes’, if you sold them, and when someone searches for that term, a visual image of your product and a description will appear. Unfortunately, it is more complicated than that so our team of PPC experts research the most relevant keywords with optimal competition for bids that maximise your budget.

Google Ads Video

As the name suggests, Video Ads are about placing a video that is relevant and valuable to your audience as in-feed, in-stream, bumper, outstream or masthead ads. Our first-class experience with video allows us to create the video ad content for you and promote it to the relevant audience through Google.

Google Ads Apps

Got an app? Let us help you promote it using Google Ads Apps. We will create a strategy including audience and competitor research, optimise and share your app across Google to increase views and downloads.

The Tangibles

Our Process

To maximise your campaign, we need to understand you, your business and your expectations. Our priority is to maximise your budget and provide exceptional results by using our knowledge and expertise.

We will have an initial introductory meeting with you and send across some relevant questionnaires. Once completed we will put together a strategic plan including campaign and ad group creation, with suggested keywords, audiences, and budget spend. Once the plan has been agreed and approved, our expert team will begin undertaking the agreed tasks.

Bespoke Monthly Reporting

It can be difficult to understand if a campaign is successful if it is being led by someone else. This is why we provide you with a full bespoke monthly report to reiterate how your ad campaigns are performing. Included in these reports is a campaign optimisation review, campaign overview, statistics and recommendations.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about influencing your landing page traffic from your ads to perform a certain action on your website — this could be a sale, contact enquiry, newsletter sign-up etc. Working with you, we will learn more about your business and the desired actions that you would like your users to take. Our combined expertise in PPC and consumer behaviour allows us to dive into the consumer’s mind and interpret their actions through data to provide recommendations and to optimise your campaigns.

Monthly Strategy Meetings

As well as providing monthly reports, we will schedule monthly strategy meetings with you to provide our insights and recommendations and to reflect on strategy progression. Internal discussions are also part of our monthly strategy meetings — we discuss the ongoing campaigns to determine an omni-channel plan to achieve maximum results from your campaign.

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