Why Consistency is Key in Marketing

  • Author: Bradley Pawson

Firstly, marketing consistency helps to build brand awareness that will ultimately allow the traffic and customers to easily recognise your brand. Whether it is social media and blogging, to responding to customer reviews and replying to emails, your content needs to maintain a consistent voice, tone and style.

Plan ahead and you’ll never fall behind

Even if you publish blogs every day or once per week, it’s crucial for you to choose and adhere to a schedule. When your content quality, quantity or timetable isn’t consistent, it can confuse your customers. 

Following a marketing strategy whilst keeping with a regular schedule will help create a better customer experience. But also help build credibility, reputation and brand trust. Publishing on a regular basis will give you the opportunity to learn from your customers. When you engage in the conversation, content creation becomes far easier as you listen to and learn what your customers want.

A prime example would be, Hootsuite. This program enables you to schedule posts to go out at specific times throughout the week. It can also help determine the best time for you to post to maximise your audience reach. This also allows you to focus on other areas that need work, as the program automatically posts the content for you. In addition, you can plan extremely for when you want it to be uploaded.

Google loves consistent content 

Another benefit of consistency with content marketing is improved SEO. If you’re consistently publishing new content on your website; whether that’s pages, blog posts or landing pages, Google place your page rankings more often. Accompanied by a targeted SEO strategy means regular content updates can boost your rankings, as long as you focus on being authentic, relevant and engaging.

Social media 

Whether you use your website to share blog posts, sell products or showcase what you are offering; your content is useless without an audience and powerless without the right audience. Social media marketing is bigger now more than ever. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer incredibly focused targeting options. These can be used to match your content to its ideal audience and get it in front of them. 

Turning your feed and your blog into a regular, predictable, consistent system packed full of quality content; people will then learn what to expect, tune in, and start listening.

Posting strategically and consistently maximises your organic reach. Therefore, by posting relatable content on social media every day through organic reach, the number of people you reach without paying to boost an advertisement or post increases a lot. However, this can reach only a certain amount of people unlike what paid advertisement can. Each time you post is another opportunity to reach your audience.

Benefits of being consistent:

Leads: Being consistent in specific content is important to gain the leads you need for your business to grow. Educational content will help you capture the attention of the audience you are writing for. Therefore, you will in return be able to generate more leads, from merely being consistent in using the same quality and quantity of content. You will then have created a pattern of trust from being consistent.

Customers: As you consistently provide quality content for your leads they will find you trustworthy and begin converting into customers. Consistency in being educational, using the language they use and meeting them where they are helps close leads into customers.

Engagement and Reviews: After they are customers, consistency is still important. It entices your customers to engage with you and leave you those coveted shiny reviews that can help the image of your business. Thus helping build credibility and brand trust.