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Who we are

Diony is a tight-knit family of designers, marketeers, and strategists based in Hull, England. We are open, collaborative, and use our collective experience, design and technical expertise to create powerful and compelling content for all mediums. We embrace new challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a drive for solving problems as a team.

Speaking of who we are...

Alistair O'Sullivan

Managing Director

Sami Yuksel

Account Manager

Jack Foster


Ash Burnham

Web and Digital

Jason Clixby


Bradley Pawson


Our Story

In the stuuuuupidly crowded market we’re in, we wanted to create something more than just a stale agency, something that would have a positive effect around us and also enable us to do some amazing projects that we hold a real passion in. Diony started with two students after leaving education and has excelled from there.

Core Values

Diony Core Values - Teamwork and Synergy
Diony Core Values - Being Humble
Diony Core Values - Embracing Change and Growth
Diony Core Values - Taking Ownership
Diony Core Values - Doing More With Less
Diony Core Values - Encouraging Diversity

Core Values


Teamwork and synergy.

Core Values


Being humble.

Core Values


Embracing change and growth.

Core Values


Taking ownership.

Core Values


Doing more, with less.

Core Values


Encouraging diversity.

Why 'Diony'?

So, what the hell does Diony mean? Naming can be quite difficult when you’re doing it for yourself, so inspiration is a great help. The origins of where the name comes from, was based around Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, patron of the arts and he was also one of the only gods who could bring people back from the underworld, which fitted the idea of us regenerating certain aspects of companies to revitalise and bring new business for them. All that was left was to shorten in to Diony, and we were ready to go.

For the logo itself, we wanted to create a sense of warmth, familiarity and youthfulness whilst conveying the idea of what Diony is. We love Japanese culture and zen practices such as their amazing calligraphy. One practice is using one or two continuous brush strokes to symbolise elegance, minimalism and enlightenment called an Ensō.

We simplified its rough brush stoke into clean lines using the golden ratio and replaced it over the “o” in Diony. This placement creates a sense of balance between the name, by the way that there’s two letters on either side of the Ensō, with the “Di” pointing upwards and the “ny” pointing downwards, mirroring the balance of creativity and entrepreneurialism within it’s team.

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We are looking for amazing creatives to work with us on some really interesting projects. Experience is always welcome but if you’re on the younger side, we can help develop your skills and creativity to potentially lead into a career with us, or so that you can catch a break and help out with filling in the experience section on your CV and also to fill up your portfolio. Just a heads up, we also drink stupid amounts of tea.