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The Importance of Brand Credibility

As a brand, there are many aspects of marketing you need to consider and marketing the credibility of your brand is certainly one of them. 

As a marketing agency we can assure you that without credibility your brand will struggle to secure customers, never mind retain them. Making it very difficult for you to achieve a positive ROI (return on investment), which would substantially reduce your profit.

In order to get the most out of your marketing efforts, it is important to implement a proper branding structure that will increase your credibility. This will allow you to not only gain and retain customers, but also develop strong, long-lasting, customer relationships resulting in loyalty and advocacy. 

Brand Management

Put simply: your brand is what customers perceive your business to be. It’s not just your company name or your logo, or even the services you provide, it’s the overall impression you leave with people, whether they’re your customers or not.

Brand management is key to ensuring you maintain a consistent brand identity, meaning all communication, content, products/services, events and stylistic elements are all aligned with your branding. 

Brand guidelines

A consistent brand is a credible brand. The first step is creating specific brand guidelines, which typically include:

  • Styling – logo variations, colour schemes, fonts and images that can be used within internal/external collateral.
  • Tone of voice – determining a tone of voice for your brand will ensure that all content (written and spoken) will align.
  • Brand statements – pinpointing your mission, vision and values.

Invest In Blogs For Your Brand

Blogs are a great way to improve your brand’s credibility. However, the content that you publish can make or break your brand. Content that is inaccurate, explicit or in some cases – harmful, can highly damage the reputation of your brand. Consequently reducing the amount of credibility your existing and future consumers will give you.

On the other hand, having content that is informative, engaging and valuable for the consumer can significantly increase your brand’s credibility by branding you as knowledgeable industry experts. This will not only boost your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company, but also improve audience engagement, which you can monitor through your Google Analytics account.

“60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog.” – ContentPlus

Additionally, brands that adopt blogging within their marketing are over 10x more likely to see positive ROI. With brands that publish multiple blogs each week having above 3x more traffic and leads compared to those that don’t.


Reviews are valuable assets for improving a brand’s credibility that, with a little brand management, can go a long way. Not only are reviews insightful for your audience, they have the power to influence customer decisions, gain trust and encourage people to interact with your company.

Google Business Reviews

Google Business uses Google Reviews to provide potential customers with information they may find useful prior to purchasing from/contacting your business. 

The reviews are displayed alongside the brand and it’s extensions, making the business more accessible and encouraging users to engage with your brand. This display method also makes the reviews more reliable – allowing brands to develop trustworthy relations with potential consumers and helping to move customers along the marketing funnel and increase conversion.

Using Reviews In Your Google Ads

Google Ads are great for existing businesses that have a strong online presence and start-up businesses that are trying to increase their reach through Ad Optimisation. With Google Ads becoming increasingly more automated and dynamic, more extensions are being pushed via Ads.

Google Ads often suggests for brands to promote reviews on their adverts, showing off high ratings and comments to increase credibility. Additionally, lots of Ads managers recommend reviews as they help to increase the overall CTR of an Ads Campaign.  

Top 5 SEO Tips And Tricks For Improving Credibility

Here are Diony’s top 5 SEO tips and tricks for improving your brand’s credibility:

  • Optimising Your Keyword Strategy
  • Adjusting Your Meta Descriptions
  • Creating A Proper Slug
  • Providing Reliable Links
  • Expanding Your Search