Company Culture & Working as a Team: Why Synergy Matters

  • Author: Ash' Burnham

Company culture, as I’m sure most reading this blog will be aware, is essentially the personality of a company with regards to its workplace and how it operates. It encompasses the rules, expectations, values, ethics, routines, norms and mission(s) that a company may have.

In this blog post, I want to talk a little about why I think teamwork is a super important part of a company’s culture. And coming from a proud employee of Diony, a design and marketing agency that prides itself on being teamwork orientated, I feel I’m in a pretty good position to talk about such a matter.

At Diony, we like to think of ourselves as a tightly-knitted team of creative and versatile people who’re all able to individually and collectively carry out a wide array of tasks and help out with all sorts of different things.

For example, I’m primarily a graphic designer by trade but I’m also sat writing this blog post right now. I also help out with marketing, social media management, content creation and other bits and bobs throughout the company. And I really enjoy it; I love being able to help out across the board and as a result of being able to do so I feel less restricted, more liberated and more involved in the workplace. Incidentally, I’d like to add that in a way it kinda makes me feel more valued too.

people working together

When a company makes teamwork a fundamental part of its company culture the benefits reaped become apparent in no time. Or at least, if done right, will become apparent in no time.

I mean, obviously team work doesn’t always mean by definition that everybody has to do lots of things. Here at Diony that’s just the way it is because we happen to have a pretty versatile and willing team, which is awesome. But not all companies are going to have a workforce comprised of individuals willing (or confident) enough to take on a multitude of responsibilities outside of their primary job role(s). Which leads us onto the other type of teamwork which is the type that involves people doing their own jobs very well on an individual basis, but then all coming together like clockwork to manifest and effective team.

Regardless of what type of teamwork your company implements (note: making sure you implement that right type based on your workforce and what they’re capable of carrying out is super important), as long as you’re implementing it in a way that’s central to your company culture, I think it’s safe to say you’re onto a winner.

It’s also probably worth noting that by a company being more collaborative and team-oriented in nature, the business as a whole automatically becomes a that bit more systemised, which is always a good thing. Employees learn to work in a more self-sufficient and independent manner; turning to one another for help when needed as opposed to always feeling as though they should turn to managers.

If you haven’t read our blog post on the topic of systemising businesses, you can find it here.

I genuinely believe that by taking teamwork seriously and placing it at the heart of a company and how it operates, a company automatically becomes ten times better. Synergy is a beautiful thing.